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4. Editorial Board of the International Journal of Pathophysiology of Pregnancy

Prof .Sandor Bagdany
Toldy Ferenc Hospital Tbrteli str. 1-3
2700 Cegled, Hungary

Prof. Ioan Munteanu
Bega Clinic
Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Str .Victor Babes 12
RO 1700 Timisoara, Romania

PD. Dr. E. T. Rippmann
Secretariat General, Organisation Gestosis
Gerbergasse 14
CH 4051 Basel, Switzerland


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Chairman and President
Prof. Avtandil R. Chkheidze, MD. PhD. Academ.Prof.& Doct. Sc. (H.S.) Organmethodchief, OB /GYN
Hon. Academician of OGASH

World OGASH Board Chairman & President

President of Intercontinental Academy
of Medical-Social Sciences (IAMSS),
Chairman of World OGASH Board Superior Standing
Commission for Awards,
Academic Graduation,
Acceptance and Accreditation of Academies,
Departments (Sections), Education and Research Centers,
Institutions and Hospitals

Originator of World Project OGASH. Founder of OGASH Universities,
Academies, Departments, Colleges, National & International Centers
for the Study of Pathophysiology of Pregnancy and Fetus,
Clinics and Polyclinics

Chairperson of World OG - SSPP Steering Committee

Creator of OGASH Awards, OGASH Academic Titles,
OGASH Logos and OGASH Press,
Editor of "OGASH - Series" Bulletin of IAMSS

Editor of OGASH Proceedings:
Pathophysiology of Pregnancy

Establisher of OGASH Library

Creator and Administrator of
World OG - SSPP Main Page

State Unversity Maternity Hospital.
23 Melikishvili Str. Ap. 1
0179 Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel.: ++995 29 35 43
Fax, : ++995 32 53 03 62
++995 322 21 965

Vice President and Chairman
Prof. Masao Nakabayashi, Past President O.G.

President of Japan Society of Perinatology
Director, Imperial Gift Foundation
AIIKU Maternal and Child Health Center
5-6-8, Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 106-8580, Japan
Tel. & Fax : +81-3-3473-8352

Academician Secretary
Prof. Irma de Luca Brunori, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology,
Hon. Academician of OGASH
University of Pisa, Lungarno Simonelli 3, 56100 Pisa, Italy
Fax: +0039 50 42 335

Ernst T. Rippmann, MD. PD. FMH. OB/GYN. O.G.-Patriarch
Permanent Honorary Secretary General O.G.
Gerbergasse 14. CH 4051 Basel, Switzerland
Fax: +41 61 261 59 34
e-mail :

Prof .Hamdi ΕΙ Kabarity, Secretary General O.G. Past President O.G.
Ain Shams University, Faculty of Medicine.
Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
International Center for the Study of Pathophysiology of Pregnancy and Fetus (CSPP)
28 Asma Fahmi st. Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt

Τel.: ++20 2 686 00 69
Fax: ++20 2 484 76 53
++20 2 682 53 44

Dr. Corazon Yabes Almirante, Past President O.G.
Perinatal Center
Philippine Chidren's Medical Center Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
Philippines 11 00
Fax. : ++63 2 924 7952
++632 372 3358


Intercontinental OGASH Academy of Medical-Social Sciences, Chairman of Maternal-Fetal Medicine Section.

The International Representative of the O.G.
Prof. Ioan Munteanu, Academ., MD. PhD, Past President O.G.
President of the Romanian Society of Human Assisted Reproduction
Bega Clinic.Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
RO 1900 Timisoara. Romania
Tel.: ++40 56 191 747
Fax. : ++40 56 913 478
Moblle ++40 95 23 00 22 ,

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