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Remember : Therapy is always a confession of a failure, of the failure to prevent ΕΡΗ -Gestosis.
Remember : The cardinal signs and symptoms represent a syndrome and never one single disease.
Remember : Therapy has to be adapted to ther different parts of the world but the basic requirements are the same , word wide .
We mention here the most simple procedures which easily can be applied world wide and by everybody who is taking care of pregnant women.

When the first signs and symptoms can be detected
When ΕΡΗ -Gestosis is to be expected
When an intensive treatment is not yet required
the following simple measures are to be introduced.

b) An adequate preventive diet
c) Releaving socio-economic stress  i.e.
c) have the patient stop working
d) Prescribe intermittend bedrest
permanent bedrest
this might mean help for the mother
somebody to take over the chores of the household
the husband the children the relatives
e) complete bedrest
f) hospitalisation intermittend, for a few days or
g) for a Ionger periode of time

And during this period of rest the three L should be observed:
L lay
L look
L listen
The success of this basic treatment is shown by
c) Disappearence of edema, weight loss
d) Reduction of proteinuria
e) Drop of blood pressure

The Gestosis Indey (see Link 12) drops from severe, ονer moderate to mild
First medicaments to be Plescribed.
1. Sedation, e.g. Diazepam
2. Spasmolytics
3. Sympathomimetics, stimulating the beta receptors of the vessels
Symptomatic treatment
cosmetic measures
like diuretics to make edema to disappear
like hypotensives to reduce the blood pressure

Since the baby is 1 00 times more ίπ danger than the mother , therapy has to be based οπ the wellbeing of the fetus. This condition can be assessed by
c) Cardio-tocography
d) Ultrasound investigations
e) Counting and assessing fetal moverments
       a) by the patient herself
       b) by the doctor
f) Placental function test
g) Loading tests ( reaction ofthe uterus, premature labor )
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