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Founded 1969 in Basel Switzerland
Members : ca 4500
Regional Secretariats 9
Representatives 65




Obstetricians, gynaecologists, perinatalogists, nephrologists, epidemiologists and staticians, pathologists, geneticians, immunologists, psychiatrists, health officials. Midwives, nurses, traditional birth attendants (ΤΒΑ) social workers. psychologist, intertested ίπ the syndrome of ΕΡΗ -Gestosis




ΕΡΗ -Gestosis is a term adopted by the Society to describe a pregnancy complication wherein a woman exhibits excessive accumulation of body water and/or pathological excretion of protein in her urin and/or abnormal elevated blood pressure.
ΕΡΗ is derived from the the term for three conditions, Edema, Proteinuria and Hypertension. Gestosis is derived from the word Gestation and the suffix gestosis, which means disturbance. The conditon is prevalent in socio-.economically depressed areas, where poor hygiene, malnutrition and ack of knowledge aggravates the the effect of inadequate prenatal care. The Society reports that ΕΡΗ -Gestosis occurs in 10 % of the world population births, is reponsible for as much as 50 % of perinatal fetal deaths and is the cause of υρ to 35 % of maternal mortaity. Κίller Νο. 1 for the babies and the mothers. The baby is 100 times more endangered than the mother.




Objectives are

1. Το disseminate infomation to the medical and lay personnel and to the public.

2. Foster research, preventive health care and therapy.

3. Internationalize nomenclature, classifications and definitions ίπ the field of ΕΡΗ- Gestosis, therapy and comparative technics, standardize methods of investigations

4. Foster exchange of scentists.

5. Conduct work shops, discussion groups, symposia and study groups οπ topics Iike pathological edema, pathological proteinuria and hypertension, cytology, serum proteins, psychiatric aspects of ΕΡΗ -Gestosis, etc.

6. Suggests alterations of definition of ΕΡΗ -Gestosis as offered by the International Classification of Diseases of the World Health Organisation, and of the FIGO ( see Iink 18 )

. Makes recommendations for the most modern and successfull measures of prevention and therapy of ΕΡΗ -Gestosis (see Link 19, also OGASH Link 26)

8. Collects and publishes papers and monographs submitted by by reseaerchers world wide.

9. Is preparing its own Journal of Pathophysiology of Pregnancy (possibly on.line)

10. Operates the Organisation Gestosis Press, (OGP) , Associate Publisher :CIC Edizioni Internationali S.r.l., Rome, Italy

11. Is establishing and enlarging its own Library dedicated to the problems of ΕΡΗ Gestosis and associated fields of interest.

12. Organizes regularely yearly meetings.(see Link 23)

13. Has established the Organisation Gestosis Affiliated and Sponsored Hospitals, OGASH.) (see link 26)





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