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The Logo of Organisation Gestosis  
Our Logo illustrates ουr intentions and filed of interest

For lack of general acceptance of parameters world wide a mutual understanding and comparison of research results is impossible. Νο progress is such to be expected..
The following steps are to be taken .We have done it.

a) The syndrome should be be called ΕΡΗ -GESTOSIS.
b) The clinical classficiaon has to be followed by the pathogenetic classification after the reason for the syndrome has been diagnosed
c) The definitions of the signs and symptomes should be simple so that everybody can establish the diagnosis. There are cases wihtout the cardinal signs and symptoms which belong to this syndrome all the same.
d) The signs lead to the diagnosis.
e) Νο diagnostic, no specific therapy possible, great danger to child and mother finding the reasons for EPH-Gestosis, specific therapy possible, danger to child and mnother greatly reduced.
f) Causes can be indentified.
g) Six factors (cariathides) support prophylaxis.
1. Checking the woman before pregnancy
2. Premarital councelling
3. Early detection
4. Adequate guidance through pregnancy and delivery
5. Investigations ίπ the pregnancy-free interval
6. Causal, not symptomatic therapy
h) In this way a timely and effective prophylaxis is possible
ί) The OG promotes and ccordinates all efforts in the field of ΕΡΗ -Gestosis.
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