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Organisation Gestosis Affiliated and Sponsored Hospitals (OGASH)
In 2003 upon suggestions of Prof. Avtandil R. Chkheidze, Tbilisi, Georgia the OGASH was founded.
Name: OGASH means: Organisations Gestosis Affiliated and Sponsored Hospitals founded in Tbilisi, Georgia, 2003.
Prof. Avtandil R. Chkheidze, Tbilisi, Georgia has been elected as President and Chairman of OGASH
Main goals of the OGASH President and Chairman

1. Formation of the World OGASH Board and Intercontinental OGASH Presidium of the Academy of  Medical-Social Sciences by the worldwide famous experts and scientists from continents, regions and states, who will correspondingly present methodically the most active Obst/Gyn Hospitals( Academies, Colleges, Laboratories, Institutes, Clinics, Centers, Cathedras and Departments ) to the Leader of the OGASH.

2. Supporting OG and Affiliated Associations meetings, sponsoring and supporting the arrangement of the high-level Hospital and Ambulatory Reproductive, Feto-Matemal Medicine, Obst/Gyn and Perinatal medical Service in different Continents all around the world.

3. Promoting and supporting the growth of science and education, access, the newest and the most pertinent literature, possibility, to publish the newest results in the Web Bulletin of the Academy of Medical-Social Sciences - "OGASH-Series", Monographs about the one special subject, new papers within 12 months in the Web Journal for the Pathophysiology of Pregnancy .Supporting OGASH-publications and sale of the monographs, e.g. advertising, personal contact to scientists interested in the same subject, to present it at congresses and OGASH meetings by means of OGASH Board Subcommittee for the improve scientific education.

 Proposing guidelines and standardizing criteria for the membership Hospitals, supporting the arrangement of modern worldwide probated and worked out by International Experts of Diagnostic Methods of Pregnancy Surveillance, as well as planning development and procedure of optimal schemes and standards of treatment, probation, advancement and procedure of new treatment - diagnostic technologies in everyday practice by means of OGASH Board Subcommittee for the Laboratory, Clinical Diagnostics and Therapy.

5. Favouring and supporting the arrangement of National and Regional Centers for studying pregnancy pathophysiology in different Continents, States and Regions, where will situate the basis, of National and Regional importance for doctors and nurses after-diploma education. The National and Regional Centers, OGASH Academies, Colleges and Laboratories will be closely connected to the International Center for the Study of Pathophysiology of Pregnancy and Fetus where will be uncut and effective educational programs functioning c
οrresponding certificates will be given out.

6. Distribution and instillation of OG ideas in all around the world. OGASH Board will not spare efforts to attract readers by promoting new methodologies ( clinical-laboratorial, modern forms and methods of treatment) aimed for professional readers and at the same time bring different issues to the wide public (colleagues, investors, donors and patients) attention.

President and Chairman of OGASH Professor Αvtandil R. Chkheidze
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The Founders of the OGASH. Registration day Prof. Chkheidze and Prof. Rippmann.
Marriott Hotel, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2003
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