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Pin of OG
We feel that being a member of the Organisation Gestosis is a matter of pride. After all the OG is a world wide working scientific association dedicated to save the lives of babies and mothers and has done so since almost fourty years.  
The results achieved so far are considerable and you as an important member have contributed your work to this worthy cause. γου have helped to reach even better aims. And now you have the chance to show your pride.

The Secretariat General has created a pin to wear οπ your blouse, your lapel during ουr
OG -congresses as well as during other meetings and opportunities, also during your daily work. Ιn this way you are spreading the ideas and the knowledge of and about the OG.

This ρίπ could be purchased during our congresse, ίπ October 2003 ίπ Alexandia, Egypt. It might also be included ίπ the congress fee ίπ later congresses. It also may be obtained directly from the Secretariats General Basell / Switzerland and ίπ Cairo / Egypt.

The price amounts for $ 3.  for the Silver Ρίπ.

The Golden Ρίπ is reserved for members who belong to the Organisation Gestosis at least 25 years or who had given special service to the OG .

The price amounts to
$ 6.
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