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ΕΡΗ -Gestosis is the pregancy complication of the neglected woman ( third world, fourth world), equippement in those areas may be scarce ΟΓ non existent. Most simple tests therefore are to be recommended
The sequens of the cardinal signs and symptoms, ΕΡΗ is derived
a from its importance
b from the time of its appearance
1. Edema ( Ε )
first to appear = pathological water retention, also sudden weight gain It is abnormal when not disappeared after a good nights rest.It can be detected by the patient herself .
Test: One spot one finger, one minute.
2  Proteinuria (Ρ) second to appear Abnormal amount of proteins excreted through the urin.
Test : Dipsticks. Pathological when more than trace in any urin specimen
24 hour specimen only required when quantitative amount of protein is to be assessed
The patient does not notice proteinuria.
3. Hypertension (Η) , Iast to appear.(Korotkoff 4)
Last normal reading:
systolic: 135
diastolic 85
First pathological reading :
systol jc 140
diastolic 90
In previous hypotension pathological is a rise of
systolic 30 mm Hg
diastolic 15 mm Hg
"Hypertension" varies greatly from one population group to the other. e.g, ίπ the Philippines the blood prerssure of 135/185 is considered as hypertension. Therefore the Iimits have to be corrected according to the average blood pressure values ίπ every region.  
It is of advantage to use in the same patient always the same type of equippment,
ί.e. Tin can manometer.
Hg apparatus
Electronic devices.
the results otherwise might vary greatly and give a wrong picture.
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