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The subject EPH - Gestosis was never a runner (like e.g. endocrinology) with the pharmaceutical industry. Since no special group of chemical compounds could treat all cases of this syndrome equally successfull the manufacturers of medicaments showed little interest in supporting an international association dedicated to a fields of interest membership fee there was no money available for projects like publishing those books. On the other side the offers we received from publishing companies reached astronomical hights in relation to our non existing funds

When one of the congress realized a small profit we started the "Organisation Gestosis Press", hoping to sell throung advertizing in our yeartly bulletins, "Secretarial Information" and later "OG -News" at least enough to cover the costs for printing. It never materialized.

The editorail board then consisted of

Prof. Max Berger, Bern, Switzerland
Prof. Heini Stamm, Baden, Switzerland
PD Dr. Ernst T. Rippmann, Basel, Switzerland

Starting in 1973 the OGP has published, advertized and distributed 39 items. Some of them in a joint venture with CIC Editioni Internationale in Rome, Italy. Since 1991 all publications are being realized in Rom, Italy.

The stock of the volumes unsold are incorpareted in the Ernst T. Rippmann Library in Manila, Philippines.

Congress Volume, 34th Meeting of the OG, 2002, Balatonfured, Hungary
"The Problems of The EPH - Gestosis"
ed. by E.T.Rippmann, S. Bagdany, $ 15. -
On sale at the Secretariat General. CH - 4051 Basel
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